Sunday, November 22, 2020

Meet CWBN's Latest CEO Spotlight Joyce Jennings


Ms. Joyce Jennings AKA Ms. Chardae is CWBN's Latest CEO spotlight. We are so excited to feature her. She is a public speaker and author. She's breaking all barriers and proven that we can be all that God requires us to be. She is dedicated to sharing her thoughts on the topic of Toxic Relationships in relations to how damaging they can be in our lives. Not only is she the author of her breakout book Bad Company Damages Spiritual Growth but she is also the author of other books including collaborations with other authors. Joyce has been very influential here in Metro Atlanta building her career as a speaker gracing many platforms. She's even had the opportunity of speaking at one of our events.

 About Joyce

Joyce Jennings was born and raised on the South side of Chicago. She is a graduate of Chicago Public Schools and attended Northern Illinois University. She finished her higher education at DeVry, Chicago. She majored in Computer Information Systems. She joined the US Navy Reserves and spent 14 years serving her country which included 3 deployments, one to Iraq. She now resides in Marietta Georgia. She is a mother and activist that believes in standing up for the rights of people. Her motto is "I am no longer a victim but a survivor". I'm breaking chains of poverty, codependency, shame, and worthlessness by telling my story. I am an unapologetic powerful black woman.

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 Changes in life may influence how much progress we are making but remember that some progress is better than no progress. Success is tied in to consistently doing the work that it takes to be successful. Don't beat up yourself if you are not where you want to be. Pick up the pieces and keep moving!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CEO Kandie Martin is in Our Business Spotlight

Kandie is a native of Athens Ga. Martin has been a writer of poetry since the days of walking the halls of Clarke Central High School. Being a part of the Media club helped her to embrace what would be her niche in the entertainment field. Her love of teaching is what she chose to pursue when she enrolled in Gordon College. She eventually dropped out to raise her children. Her ability to learn fast has always been her super power. Wanting more for her children has fueled her flame for looking for and reaching her next level. She is the founder of Leave It To Kandie, LLC which started out as Poems by Kandie. This was a gift basket creation company that turned into a personal assistant company.  Eventually the company became an event planning and management company. With so many levels within the company, she then split the company into two entities. Kandie Promotions was created to take over all promotional aspects of the company and LITK became solely a talent management company. She currently produces 7 radio shows as well as movies, plays, workshops, and comedy shows. She is also an Actress and Radio Show host and was nominated 2018 ATL Hottest Manager.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

CWBN'S Influential Woman of the Month Author & Pastor Jacqueline Goodwin

Jacqueline Goodwin is an influential woman in her community. Not only is she a woman of God but the author of Healing the Vessel subtitled: A Mother's love, A Daughter's Journey of Faith. With a prophetic anointing on her life Pastor Godwin testifies and writes about her journey and healing. A mother's love was just the thing needed to help her heal. In life our pain has a purpose and she knows first hand because God healed this vessel from HIV!

One of her gifts is to transform lives. Her ministry focuses on healing and deliverance. Working in various youth ministries she is a youth mentor and a light to her peers. She's also a former educator, paralegal, and substance abuse counselor. 

She has earned a Master of Counseling from Webster University, Columbia SC, an Associate Degree of Paralegal graduating “Magna Cum Laude” from South University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Francis Marion University, Florence SC. She currently resides in South Carolina with her son and two daughters. Her hobbies include running, walking, meditating, and writing, counseling youth and working in the community.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The CWBN Teleconference Was Amazing!

 Last night we had such an amazing time during our teleconference. God himself was present! The prayer at the beginning of the teleconference was just the thing needed to get the ball rolling. I regret that speaker Dana Carter had trouble dialing in but I will include her on the next or do a live show with just me and her. Sharee McNair had to work overtime in the beauty salon and just could not make it. I am also extending this invitation to her. God used Joyce Jennings to tell us that we should love ourselves and make certain that others give us the respect that we deserve. Dianna Hill opened up the door to forgiveness. With her marriage ministry she helped us to see that forgivenss in our marriage and in every aspect of our lives is necessary. This pays a huge role in our level of success and our walk with Christ. Carmelita Collier told us that we should Love, Forgive, and Live. That alone was super powerful. Carmelita was transparent about a life changing experienc with her health. Wake up calls are sometimes needed to get us in line with God's will for our lives. Tonya Franklin brought it on home as our last speaker. She told us that the beginning is not the end and to give everything we have.That girl is on fire for the Lord. After she empowered us I was in tears. There were so many things that God used her to say. One of the things I remember is that we should walk in faith and not worry about what we don't have. God will make provision for us and place those people in our lives that we need. God confirmed so many this through us all. Every message tied into one another. Truly God was in the midst of this. I am just full right now and want you to experience what took place. Here is another opportunity for you to tune in and be blessed. We will do this again in about three months. 

My Final Thoughts:

We as women are more alike than we are different. We undersand each other when no one else does. Many feel as if we just can not truly do it but we must prove to all that we can love and support one another. If we work hard at building our sisters up and not operating in jelousy then the sky is our limit. Sisters we can reach the stars and beyond. CWBN is all about inspiring and empowering all women. There is an emphasis on women in business and ministry but all women are welcome to join this move of God.

Special Thanks to All the Speakers! 

You all are truly called and amazing!
You and all women are wonderfully made!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tshanna Taylor is in the CWBN Business Spotlight

Tschanna M. Taylor, MBA, CCLC, & CCRM is also an entrepreneur and author. She is the author of After the Affair. Moving Forward God's Way. She's also known as a purpose engineer, teacher, speaker, and best selling author.

She founded the #IAMIMPORTANT™ movement, where she equips women embodying a positive change on how to take immediate tests and turn them into testimonies and their mess into masterpieces. With her transparent approach, she is committed to empowering women to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their God-given purpose.

 She's purpose driven, inspiring, and definitely someone to admire. Tschanna's testimony of faith and her ability to share her story unashamed and with boldness is truly what causes her to connect with others on multiple levels. She is truly a woman after God’s own heart and lives her life learning and growing daily. She is a worshipper, lover of God, wife, mother, sister, friend, coach, mentor and friend. She is also Co-Author of Blooming Into Your Purpose: Out of the Ashes Into the Son and Turbulence: A Practical Guide to Remain Resilient in the Midst of Every Storm. 

We want to congratulate her on her much success!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Paparazzi Consultant LeShawn Gordon is in CWBN'S Business Spotlight

LeShawn Gordon is in our business spotlight. I've known her for over 20 years and one thing I know is that not only is she a woman of God but truly an inspiration to all. Originally from Anniston Alabama, she's taking the direct sales business by storm. Direct sales has never been easy but LeShawn is climbing the ladder of success by putting forth her all and taking the necessary steps that it takes to be successful.

Every business owner knows that to make money we should spend some. Residing is metro Atlanta, she's created a mobile Jewelry business to help make shopping with her easy. If you are someone in metro Atlanta that would like her to set up her Sassy Jewelry Store at your event, salon, her directly. You can also visit her official website @ Shopping onine with her is safe and your jewelry will be shipped directly to you. 

Would you like to be a part of her team? Earn money working your online business, by doing trade shows, or by making jewelry gift sets or baskets for special ocassions.
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

CWBN Business Magazine


We are so excited to have volume two of our magazine completed. Our editorial team has worked very hard to provide articles, encouragement, inspiration, and resources for visionaries. The vision of the magazine is to provide articles and resources for those in ministry or for those that are business owners. Even if you are not in ministry or a business owner, you will still enjoy reading the magazine.The inspiration and encouragement are a branch off of everything we do within the network. I am hoping that by reading the articles and testimonies that this will motivate others to succeed.

The two latest articles written in our magazine were writen by Best Selling Author Jennifer Diaby and Founder of 365 Virtual Solutions Daveeda Jane Brown.

Get a copy of our magazine and read about what they do and what they feel it takes to be successful. To receive a free copy of their article, please send an email request.

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Daveeda Jane

Author Jennifer Diaby 


The magazine offers classified ads and colorful full page spreads. Ads are also available in business card,  one-half, and one-third sizes. We also have a business directory section in the back of the magazine. We work very hard to provide professional type-setting in color and in black-n-white. This just depends upon the budget of the person, business, or organization needing advertising. 


Our magazine is offered online and in print format. We market our magazine using social media blast on six social media platforms. We also utilize email and text marketing.  In the near futrue we plan on using other online classified platforms to start a new advertising campaign. The great news about this is that when we advertise our magazine, we will also advertise your ad or article as well. We even share the magazine free to contest winners and to those that would like to view expired publications. 

Before we place your ad in the magazine, you the advertiser will be able to proof your ad.

Content Writers Needed:

In each new volume, we need two contributers to write (500) word articles. The articles submission guidelines are as follows:

The aricles should need a minimum of editing and be without double-spacing. The format should be in Times New Romans. Article writers should have at least 5 years of entrepreneur or ministry experience, a website, and facebook page. The last portion of the article should offer about 7 to 10 lines about what you feel it takes to be successful. We also need a headshot with great resolution (no blurry photos that are distasteful). The headshots need to be professional or one that can pass for professional. We offer photo editing services if you are someone that has a photo and would need to be cut out of the background. 

Note: We Do Not Need Submissions from Publishers or Business Coaches - Life Coaches are Welcome!

We also ask that you give us permission to put your details on our website and for marketing purposes on social media. 

What's in it for you?? Free Exposure! At the end of your article, we add your facebook page and your website address. 

 Send submissions to In the email subject area type - magazine submissions. We can not assure you that your submission will be chosen but we will strongly consider your submission. 

If you are interested in joining our network for Christian Women, please click on this link. Within this business network, we offer support for women even if you are not a business owner. We also offer resources and encouragement for women across the world. 
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To receive a copy of our magazine or if you are interested in advertising, pleace send an email request to: and visit for digital copies:

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