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Two Ways to Create a Free Website

If you are a person just starting out in business and would like to cut the expense of having a website or paying these big companies to create you one, there is hope after all! 

Webs and Wix are two places that I feel are really good for creating websites. If you choose to use a free site, there are things to consider. There is no support offered to you as a free site user. If you are having problems, you will need to figure it our yourself :)

Also you are very limited to how many pages you can have on your site. Webs will only allow a person to post a certain amount of pictures if a person chooses to use their photo gallery. I just started creating a site with Wix so I do not know much about them. I want to show you a site my 13 year old created using Wix at school for a project where they are learning web design.

You can visit her site here.

I have years of experience with Webs since most of my sites are with them. I started out using the free sites, then upgraded to their premium sites which are not free. I still use the free sites but two of them, I just decided that I needed more space, and support. I also felt that if I would be a professional, that I did not want the free advertisement at the bottom of my site that webs shows. In other words it lets everyone know that your site is free. They also allow other people ads to show on your site if it is free. If you upgrade, they remove those ads. Honestly, the free sites have helped me a lot because everybody knows that I am a real person. When I started my businesses, I was pretty much broke! :) 

I did not know a thing about creating websites. In fact I had to pray my way through this. It was hard at first but now, I have mastered it. I learned that in order to create something that looked professional I needed quality photos. I took my pictures myself using a piece of black cotton material that I purchased from a fabric center and made me a canvas. I wanted my pictures to have the same background. I did photo shoots in my home just as a professional would and it worked.

Here is another thing about using these free sites. I will use my new site Smart Employment Options for an example. The URL assigned to me is  Notice the on the end. Honestly, this does not bother me that much but I learned that if I am to utilize sites that will allow my site to be indexed in search engines, that the had to go. This is why I upgraded two of my sites. 

This is my site that use to be the free site.
I upgraded, then I purchased a domain name from Godaddy. So the no longer exist on two of my sites. They are now just .com. The search engines sort of look at free sites as if they are nobodies. It's true!. In other words often people feel that just because they have a site, people will find them on the web. News flash! There are billions of sites out there! If your site is not properly indexed using SEO = Search Engine Optimization, then you will have to point people to your site.

Do I feel that these sites are good for something? Of course! I recently saw a video of a person that makes 6,000 a month online put them down but she also mentioned that when she first started her business, she used one of these sites. I agree with something that she said. It is best to start out with a site that is not free but however one has to crawl before they can walk if this applies to you. So if you choose to use a free site.

webs here

Also I created a site years ago with Godaddy. These are not free sites but they are really great. I think that Godaddy is about 10.00 a month which is not much at all. Warning: They will try to get you to use them to create your site. This can be costly. If I had the money however maybe I would have used a service like this.

If you are someone that wants to purchase a domain name you can do so by clicking on the banner below. I think that I paid about 25.00 for a years hosting fee for the name. I paid about 75.00 a year to upgrade my site through webs. So in all my site was 100.00 for the entire year and all of the limits and ads are gone!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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