Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Lady Became a Millionaire From an Idea She Started at Home!

A few days ago I ran across a book in one of my favorite stores. I love to read books that I can learn from and books that help me succeed in business. The title alone caught my attention." Millionaire Mommy" We all may not be mommies but the word millionaire sounds good to me!

Here is a story about a lady that started a business on her kitchen table making accessories and other things for children. She went through many hardships but was determined not to give up. In fact just when she was gonna give up, she turned into  millionaire over-night. What a remarkable story.

We that are in business for ourselves know just how hard it can be at times. There are the ups and the downs. There are those times when we say ok when will I see a return. In fact it can seem like we are putting more into it than we are getting out of it.

If you are at that place of tired or giving up, I urge you to get a copy of this book just as I did. I feel energized and ready again t go full force with my businesses. She shares intimate details and just how she did it. She even reveals information as to how you too can accomplish just what she did, where and just what business owners need to do and be aware of.

Here she is on USA today

Here are the chapters of her book.
(pages 340)

1.The idea: My own Incredible Story
2. The birth of a business
3. The business entity
4. Lunching, or traveling through the valley of shadow
5. Entrepreneurs-Millionaires-Aren't Born; They are made
6. You're gonna wuvit
7. How I made 225,000 in eight weeks
8. The scam artist who stung me and what I learned
9. Behind the scenes at QVC
10. Failing is easy-Getting up again is what's hard
11. Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money!
12. How the worst thing that ever happened to me turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me
13. Breaking down the doors of big retailers
14. Free money: Working with angel investors and venture capitalists
15. The importance of attitude
16. Show me the money!
17. the end of the beginning

You can get a copy of her book on the top right side of the screen or below. This book and other books that she wrote are there. She also has the kindle edition available on Amazon.


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