Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Are You Feeling Stuck Within Your Vision

Today I write this blog post because I notice that business owners or those that want to start a new business are simply getting frustrated. People have a vision but are just making ends meet. It seems as though people work from paycheck to paycheck and would love the stability of owning their own business so that they can become self sufficient. Many find themselves feeling stuck within a vision.

Many have great ideas but lack the funds they feel are neccessary to bring their vision to past. Some do not have a great line of credit to get a business loan. In all honesty some are just waddling in a vision that they do not own. Is your vision yours or someone else's? Did you pray about this? Did God specifically speak to you about this? All of the answers to these answers are vital to why you are feeling the way you do.

Now if you are struggling, this does not mean that you should not pursue the dreams that are ahead of you. I have often said that anything worth having in life, is hard work. For the person that is tired, I want to share with you today some things that you can do to help get the ball rolling. The things that I will list won't cost you a penny. Where you are, I have been. I did not allow this distraction to deter me and you should not either!

1. Utilize free resources:

Free websites - start creating your website today!
Get a free site here

Free business forms - create all forms that you will need now!

Free advertising

Free business cards

Youtube Free Tutorials

I truly believe that if there is something that you need to know, that youtube is the place for free information. Type any subject down that you may want to learn about and see what happens. 

Lastly, Ehow. 

I love to search things that I want to learn about on Ehow. I get a lot of answers that way. You search may look like this. I want to learn how to become a fashion designer Ehow.  


*Strapped for cash - make one sheet of business cards on microsoft publisher. Use zerox paper and have that sheet laminated for a little over a buck just until you get your cards made.

Do you have an outline for your business. Write down your vision. This does not have to be anything fancy. Write down an outline, what you wish to accomplish over the next five years. What it will take, and what you can do now to help you move closer to your goals. Try not to feel overwhelmed. We must learn to crawl before we walk and to be patient. Maybe there are people in your family or friends that can help you achieve your goals. Interns can help also. Call colleges in your area to see if they will allow small business owners to use interns to do work for free. 

I wrote this today today because people need hope. I've been there!!! God is a supplier! Do you have anything you can sacrifice? Do you have anything you can sell? How are your spending habits? Also I want to share with you just a few ways to earn a little extra cash online. They are not jobs. In fact there is not much money involved but maybe you can earn a little extra just to help make ends meet.

Survey Savvy - take short surveys here and receive checks in the mail. 

Isay Survey Companu unlike some that will not reward users if they do not have surveys available will give some credit just for visiting their site here. They will pay users through their paypal account.

Now this is a company that will pay people to do mystery shopping from home. Get started here.

Thank you so much for visiting! Now these are just a few tips! You can do searches to get information just like I did today. May of the resources I mentioned, I use myself. 

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Victoria Sheffield, Business Coach, Motivator, & Speaker

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