Monday, February 9, 2015

A Prayer for Women in Business

Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to order my footsteps in you. Lord let every business decision that I make come from you. Let every decision I make to be of wisdom. Lord open up doors that no man can close. Put the right people in my life that will help your vision come to pass. Keep negative people that don't believe away from me and send people that will patronize my business. Allow me to see that my business should not only be for financial support but a ministry that should be done in excellence. Help me to be able to fund every project that I a working on. Allow me to see that giving back and paying tithes is part of the process. When I am tired, allow me to find rest for my soul and body. Allow me to take the time to exercise and take care of my health, appearance, and hygiene. Let stress not a once reign in me. Allow me to not my put work before you and never allow procrastination to be of me. Help me to provide products and services that are of excellent standards. Allow me to continue to believe no matter how hard it gets. In Jesus name I pray! Amen!

Evangelist/Author Victoria Sheffield
copyrighted Material/Jeru Publications

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