Thursday, October 19, 2017

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We are so excited to have volume two of our magazine completed. Our editorial team has worked very hard to provide articles, encouragement, inspiration, and resources for visionaries. The vision of the magazine is to provide articles and resources for those in ministry or for those that are business owners. Even if you are not in ministry or a business owner, you will still enjoy reading the magazine.The inspiration and encouragement are a branch off of everything we do within the network. I am hoping that by reading the articles and testimonies that this will motivate others to succeed.

The two latest articles written in our magazine were writen by Best Selling Author Jennifer Diaby and Founder of 365 Virtual Solutions Daveeda Jane Brown.

Get a copy of our magazine and read about what they do and what they feel it takes to be successful. To receive a free copy of their article, please send an email request.

Please connect with them on social media here:

Daveeda Jane

Author Jennifer Diaby 


The magazine offers classified ads and colorful full page spreads. Ads are also available in business card,  one-half, and one-third sizes. We also have a business directory section in the back of the magazine. We work very hard to provide professional type-setting in color and in black-n-white. This just depends upon the budget of the person, business, or organization needing advertising. 


Our magazine is offered online and in print format. We market our magazine using social media blast on six social media platforms. We also utilize email and text marketing.  In the near futrue we plan on using other online classified platforms to start a new advertising campaign. The great news about this is that when we advertise our magazine, we will also advertise your ad or article as well. We even share the magazine free to contest winners and to those that would like to view expired publications. 

Before we place your ad in the magazine, you the advertiser will be able to proof your ad.

Content Writers Needed:

In each new volume, we need two contributers to write (500) word articles. The articles submission guidelines are as follows:

The aricles should need a minimum of editing and be without double-spacing. The format should be in Times New Romans. Article writers should have at least 5 years of entrepreneur or ministry experience, a website, and facebook page. The last portion of the article should offer about 7 to 10 lines about what you feel it takes to be successful. We also need a headshot with great resolution (no blurry photos that are distasteful). The headshots need to be professional or one that can pass for professional. We offer photo editing services if you are someone that has a photo and would need to be cut out of the background. 

Note: We Do Not Need Submissions from Publishers or Business Coaches - Life Coaches are Welcome!

We also ask that you give us permission to put your details on our website and for marketing purposes on social media. 

What's in it for you?? Free Exposure! At the end of your article, we add your facebook page and your website address. 

 Send submissions to In the email subject area type - magazine submissions. We can not assure you that your submission will be chosen but we will strongly consider your submission. 

If you are interested in joining our network for Christian Women, please click on this link. Within this business network, we offer support for women even if you are not a business owner. We also offer resources and encouragement for women across the world. 
Please send a request to:

We also have a great show that airs bi-weekly at 12 noon EST: Visit here to like our page and to tune-into previous episodes.

To receive a copy of our magazine or if you are interested in advertising, pleace send an email request to: and visit for digital copies:

Victoria Sheffield - Editor and Founder 
CWBN - Christian Women's Business Network

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