Saturday, April 21, 2018

The CWBN Teleconference Was Amazing!

 Last night we had such an amazing time during our teleconference. God himself was present! The prayer at the beginning of the teleconference was just the thing needed to get the ball rolling. I regret that speaker Dana Carter had trouble dialing in but I will include her on the next or do a live show with just me and her. Sharee McNair had to work overtime in the beauty salon and just could not make it. I am also extending this invitation to her. God used Joyce Jennings to tell us that we should love ourselves and make certain that others give us the respect that we deserve. Dianna Hill opened up the door to forgiveness. With her marriage ministry she helped us to see that forgivenss in our marriage and in every aspect of our lives is necessary. This pays a huge role in our level of success and our walk with Christ. Carmelita Collier told us that we should Love, Forgive, and Live. That alone was super powerful. Carmelita was transparent about a life changing experienc with her health. Wake up calls are sometimes needed to get us in line with God's will for our lives. Tonya Franklin brought it on home as our last speaker. She told us that the beginning is not the end and to give everything we have.That girl is on fire for the Lord. After she empowered us I was in tears. There were so many things that God used her to say. One of the things I remember is that we should walk in faith and not worry about what we don't have. God will make provision for us and place those people in our lives that we need. God confirmed so many this through us all. Every message tied into one another. Truly God was in the midst of this. I am just full right now and want you to experience what took place. Here is another opportunity for you to tune in and be blessed. We will do this again in about three months. 

My Final Thoughts:

We as women are more alike than we are different. We undersand each other when no one else does. Many feel as if we just can not truly do it but we must prove to all that we can love and support one another. If we work hard at building our sisters up and not operating in jelousy then the sky is our limit. Sisters we can reach the stars and beyond. CWBN is all about inspiring and empowering all women. There is an emphasis on women in business and ministry but all women are welcome to join this move of God.

Special Thanks to All the Speakers! 

You all are truly called and amazing!
You and all women are wonderfully made!

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