Sunday, November 22, 2020

Meet CWBN's Latest CEO Spotlight Joyce Jennings


Ms. Joyce Jennings AKA Ms. Chardae is CWBN's Latest CEO spotlight. We are so excited to feature her. She is a public speaker and author. She's breaking all barriers and proven that we can be all that God requires us to be. She is dedicated to sharing her thoughts on the topic of Toxic Relationships in relations to how damaging they can be in our lives. Not only is she the author of her breakout book Bad Company Damages Spiritual Growth but she is also the author of other books including collaborations with other authors. Joyce has been very influential here in Metro Atlanta building her career as a speaker gracing many platforms. She's even had the opportunity of speaking at one of our events.

 About Joyce

Joyce Jennings was born and raised on the South side of Chicago. She is a graduate of Chicago Public Schools and attended Northern Illinois University. She finished her higher education at DeVry, Chicago. She majored in Computer Information Systems. She joined the US Navy Reserves and spent 14 years serving her country which included 3 deployments, one to Iraq. She now resides in Marietta Georgia. She is a mother and activist that believes in standing up for the rights of people. Her motto is "I am no longer a victim but a survivor". I'm breaking chains of poverty, codependency, shame, and worthlessness by telling my story. I am an unapologetic powerful black woman.

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 Business Tip of the Day & Encouragement

 Changes in life may influence how much progress we are making but remember that some progress is better than no progress. Success is tied in to consistently doing the work that it takes to be successful. Don't beat up yourself if you are not where you want to be. Pick up the pieces and keep moving!

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